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Alternative forefront technologies!

“Dipintore” utilises alternative leading technologies. The Company is always researching new solutions in order to offer the client wide choices for customising living and working spaces:


We are specialists in civilian and industrial interiors and exterior painting. During the past years by utilising modern methods and innovative technologies we have secured and accomplished excellent orders for a wide range of very demanding clientele always attentive to the final aesthetic results and functionalities of a job guaranteed for an extensive time.

Three are the types of high quality products for interior painting that Dipintore utilises normally:

  • Washable breathable water-base paint
  • Water-base tempera paint
  • Acrylic water-base paint

For exterior painting instead and for situations where the surfaces are constantly exposed to severe weather conditions, there are other types of products useful for obtaining the best results:

  • Highly filling quartz paint (water-repellent)
  • Siloxane paint (water-repellent and breathable)
  • Plastic coating with smooth or striped effect


If you also wish to customise your home or work place, so that you can feel perfectly comfortable every day and be gratified of the home warmth or improve the work place environment, you can choose from one of the many decorative solutions that we at “Dipintore” can offer you. The delicate interior finishing we can propose will turn your homes and working environments in absolute unique places.
Dipintore operates according to the highest respect of the Italian craftsman tradition.
Decoration works can be accomplished on any types of surfaces or supports: plaster, plasterboards, wood, metal and many other types of surfaces.

On request we can also supply trompe-l’oeil finishing either on the job site or in our lab.


Plasterboard is a product featuring fast and cost-effective long-lasting solutions. In particular, it is utilised to divide spaces or to lower ceilings, as well as to solve special problems like the presence of humidity, sound-proofing, and R.E.I. fire prevention space sectioning.
Plasterboards are sheets with thickness varying from 1 cm to 2 cm of various sizes (120 cm x200 cm. 120 cm x 250 cm, 120 cm x 300 cm, etc.), manufactured with quarry gypsum enclosed in two cardboard sheets.
Plasterboard is ideal to accomplish simple or multi-shaped (decorative) suspended-ceilings.
Once built, the plasterboard walls and ceilings can be normally painted with water-based paints, enamels and wall-paper after being treated with a special insulating material.